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Empowerment Coaching & Reiki Healing


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Your Healing Journey
Begins Here.

Take a moment to imagine that you are no longer bound to the stress and struggle of your everyday life. Feels freeing, doesn't it? Imagine for a moment that today is the first day of your healing journey - what does your life look like a year from now? Break through your barriers - actively participate in your life by healing your mind, your body, and your soul.

Your precious time on this earth is meant to provide you

with opportunities to grow and evolve. Not remain stagnant.

Did you know that your chance of being born on this earth is 1 in 400 trillion? It's no coincidence that you're here. You are meant to do amazing things and experience all that life has to offer. Are you living authentically and in a way that honor's your soul's purpose? 

Ready to take the first step towards healing and 

become a catalyst for change in your life?


Inspiring Change

Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do. As an experienced coaching professional and Reiki practitioner, I provide my clients with the right tools and knowledge to unleash their potential and pave the way towards both personal and professional success.


As a former high-performing and driven professional in the financial services industry, I reached an inflection point in my career, where I no longer felt as though I was thriving, no matter what I did. I needed a change - and yes, it was life or death. For over 25 years my body was riddled with significant health issues. Determined not to become a statistic, I decided to embrace alternative healing methods to calm the inflammation in my body, rid my mind of stress and anxiety, and finally begin my healing journey. Little did I know that fully healing myself would include walking away from a career of nearly 23 years. It was a necessary decision, because it was at this point I realized that my gift has always been to motivate and inspire those around me and I had to re-align my soul with my life purpose.


As both an empowerment coach and Reiki practitioner,

I am able to facilitate powerful discussions to help

you navigate your personal journey.  


My unique approach involves holding space for you during our sessions together. I rely on my intuitive abilities and actively listening to help you reach a place of heightened consciousness as we work together.  

It is my hope that you receive the clarity and self-awareness needed to effectively navigate through life. My coaching sessions will deliver to you actionable and goal-oriented results, while Reiki healing will deliver you a calming and relaxing state of being to heal your body, mind, and soul from within.

I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to get you started on your journey.

Be well, 


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